Stephen Oleksewycz & “An Experience With…”

Stephen Oleksewycz is the owner of an event management company, a non-profit organization, and in partnership with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oleksewycz says that he always knew he had a talent for events, and when we would attend them, he would often take note of things he would have done differently. Oleksewycz took the jump while his wife was pregnant with his daughter, and founded “An Experience With.”

As the name suggests, the company creates experiences with celebrities. Stephen flies the celebrity to a venue, and they tell their life story over dinner with the guests.  Oleksewycz started doing this with smaller name celebrities and eventually began to work with names like Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Stephen is now looking to grow the empire by launching ‘A Virtual Experience With’  as the name suggests, the brand will interview celebs around the world about success and failure.  The final edits will sit on a brand new platform where customers can watch in 4k glory all from the comfort of their own home!

Throughout the process of working with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he and Olekesewycz became friendly. Arnold asked Stephen to help him run his Arnold Sports Festival event in the United Kingdom in October 2021. Stephen is quoted as saying,  “This is huge and something I have worked towards for the last 10 years, to go into business with Arnold is just a dream come true, and I can’t wait to get going.”

On top of his pursuits within the event management landscape, Stephen Oleksewycz is extremely passionate about mental health and wellness and helped create a non-profit to support his efforts. The Charity is called Get Fit 4 Mental Wellness, and it has seen immense success to date.  The charity was formed after Stephen became acquainted with Manuel Benages.  Manuel had a huge passion to change the stigma around Mental Health and attracted Stephen to help him make his vision a reality.   Manuel now oversees the operations of the Charity and also works as head of sports relations for the Arnold Sports Festival UK.

How does Stephen Oleksewycz manage all of these operations? Of course, he has people working for him, but Stephen credits his success to his extreme dedication. Stephen tries to work harder each and every day in order to continue his success. Oleksewycz admits that if he wasn’t so passionate about the industry, he would not be nearly as successful.

Stephen Oleksewycz is only thirty-eight years old but has the resume of someone with fifty years of experience. Oleksewycz identified an industry in which he would excel, and he has done just that. On top of running An Experience With, Stephen Oleksewycz is adamant about helping community members with mental health issues. His organization, Get Fit 4 Mental Wellness, provides mental health services to the community.

Oleksewycz’s Background & Press

Stephen Oleksewycz has built his career from the ground up, beginning thirteen years ago. Oleksewycz was a  professional football player in the U.K. before succumbing to a career-ending knee injury. But the end of one career launched the beginning of another: event management.

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