The main difference between an introverted entrepreneur and an extroverted one is where they get their energy. An introvert tends to get their power from being alone or with a small group of trusted friends, while an extrovert tends to get their energy from being in a large crowd of people. Being an introvert doesn’t automatically make you bad at social situations, just like being an extrovert doesn’t automatically make you good at them. However, there are some unique ways that an introvert can leverage their particular set of skills.

An Introvert Listens

An introvert is more likely to be self-aware and attentive to their environment than an extrovert is. This allows them to listen and find out what the client or their colleagues need. The downside of this is that introverts are more likely to focus on their own mistakes and internal criticism. One way to deal with this is by recording and remembering times or ways you have succeeded or learned from failure whenever you make a mistake.

An Introvert Researches

An introvert is more likely to take the time to research various solutions to entrepreneurship problems. This skill allows introverts to make rational decisions that will help grow their business. The downside of this is that an introvert might get “stuck” researching something instead of making an important business decision. One way to deal with this is by setting a deadline for the decision rather than simply getting stuck in a research spiral.

An Introvert Speaks

When an introvert takes the time to talk about something, people take the time to listen. Introverts often have a reputation for thoughtful communication and meaningful contribution rather than simply adding noise. The downside of this is that an introvert might not be prepared for the swivel of everyone’s attention to them. One way to deal with this is by preparing for that attention by practicing. It won’t seem silly to your mirror, and you’ll seem more confident in business.

Being an entrepreneur can provide a unique set of challenges. However, it can be a rewarding experience for introverts if they capitalize on their skills.